Day 11: I Think These Are In The Wrong Order.

So today, on the way to visit TJ’s grandparents, I was trying to find the image I had posted in the first blog post to figure out what my task was today. When I finally found the image, just as we pulled into the driveway, I realized I had apparently skipped a few challenges (Actually, I think it’s only one, but I like to over-exaggerate) in favor of getting Hands and Old done.

So to cover for that, I’m playing catch up and doing the forgotten challenge: Nature.

Not that hard-actually I’ve had this flowering bush pegged for shots for over 2 weeks now. I’ve been waiting to see when the tiny buds would finally blossom, AND THEY DID.

So enjoy the fruits of my patience with these loverly images–and know that tomorrow, I’m totally back on track!



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